Group Coaching Supervision Program

Reach your full potential as a coach!

Cohort Schedule:

The Group will meet on every third Tuesday via Zoom, at 8:00 – 9:30 am (Eastern Time, New York), which is at 15-17.30 (Eastern European summertime, Helsinki)

The new group starts when there are enough of participants. Ask for the next one.

Coaching Boost Is …  
– A reflective practice that can help you learn and grow from each client/coaching session
– An opportunity to gain new perspectives on coaching challenges (and to celebrate successes), from certified coach supervisors and peers, in a supportive, collaborative environment
– A safe space to discuss potential coaching related ethical dilemmas, or conflicts of interest, and identify the best path forward
– An industry best practice and European Mentoring & Coaching Counsel (EMCC) requirement, and highly recommended by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
– An opportunity to grow your coaching practice by building on your strengths and unique opportunities, and by getting perspectives from other professionals
– About providing better service to your coaching clients—as you continue to learn and develop yourself as a coach
– Affordable, collaborative, and fun!  
Coaching Boost Is Not …  
– A coach training program (although, supervision can help you integrate learning from other programs—so that you can best use what you learn)
– Mentor coaching (which is focused on competency development), or “coaching for coaches” (where the focus can be on anything)
Having to “figure it out yourself”– coaching supervision reduces the isolation that many coaches feel and experience on a regular basis
– Having to navigate potential ethical dilemmas, conflicts of interest, or other difficult coaching scenarios alone
– A business development program where you learn someone else’s marketing or sales methods (or, what “worked for them” …)
– Coaching on “auto-pilot”  (supervision provides a structure that supports reflection and space for new perspectives; it is difficult to create this on one’s own)  

Program Format

Coaching Boost will take place over a four month-long period. The program includes six virtual sessions 90 minutes each, to be held via Zoom. In between sessions, participants will have opportunity to practice new perspectives, and to try out new supervision-based tools and ideas. 

Meet Your Supervisors

Jill Marshall Annitto, PCC, CPCC, MBA, Certified Coach Supervisor

I am on a mission to make the world a better place—by helping organizations to create coaching cultures where people can thrive! I do this as an executive coach, as an experiential leadership training facilitator, as an instructor for several ICF credentialed coach training programs, and as a mentor coach and coach supervisor.

My clients include members of the US foreign affairs community, senior military leaders, corporate sector organizations, and other professional coaches located around the globe. As a US Army veteran, distance runner, and adventure traveler, I have experienced the exhilaration of triumphing over boundaries and persevering until the next big breakthrough. I now use these experiences—and more—to help others achieve their greatest potential.

Jill Marshall Annitto (+1 703 718 5074),

Teija Silvola

M. Ed., Psychologist,  PCC Coach, Certified Team & Executive Coach, Certified Virtual Team Coach, Certified Coaching Supervisor

I have 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in developing leaders, managers, teams and organizations through coaching and facilitating. I also teach coaching in an ICF accredited program and coaching skills to managers in organizations. I am a positive and solution focused coach and strengths-based, psychodynamic and systemic coaching supervisor.

I get excited about different people and cultures. I live and work in Finland but have lived abroad for three years and worked internationally and in multicultural settings almost all my career. Besides work, I enjoy variety of sports, live music and travelling abroad.

Teija Silvola (+358 400 270504)


To register, or for more information, please contact one of us. We want to best ensure that this program is a good fit for you, and to address any questions you may have! 


The cost for this program is $595 / 595 € (+ alv 24%). 

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